Kristin Belz

Marketing Manager

Kristin has a Masters in Architecture and 20 years as a communications, design, and marketing professional in Portland and the Pacific Northwest. She relishes the opportunity to tell the stories of the people and innovations behind educational facilities that help make the world a better place, and believes that people will support projects that strengthen their community when they have the tools to understand the project’s practical and long-term value.

Her background in urban design and community outreach, in Portland and beyond, in both the public and private sectors, has given her hands on experience with a range of project challenges. She has seen communities transform in ways that once seemed unlikely, building public space and revitalizing neglected urban environments. Tailoring messages and methods to particular audiences, and translating complicated information into engaging summaries are key elements in her approach to creating advocates out of adversaries.

T: 503 226 6950, ext. 252