Who We Are

Our Mission

We connect pedagogy to design.

Our Vision

As a collective practice, we inspire through design. We focus on the learner, engage in our community, and drive design innovation.

The Institute of Bathroom Innovation is a collection of individuals focused on the design, innvation & trend setting in modern commercial bathrooms. We believe that commercial restrooms are one of the most underrated rooms in the office, and strive to inform people of the best ways to make them stand out in the commercial space world.

Our History

Founded as the Institute for Bathroom Improvement in 1986, the interest group is led by principals Cody Dawn, Becky Owens, Jared Wainwright & Chuck Anthony. They and their staff share a commitment to supporting commercial managers as communities plan and implement more beautiful bathroom environments.

In 2011, the Dawn Owens Wainwright & Anthony Group altered their approach, the “improvement” seemed outdated. It was then that the Group changed their focus to making a more intentional guide to making bathrooms that are not just improved, but innovative and forward thinking. The Group focuses on presenting design resources and introduction to ways of making commercial bathrooms more convenient and sustainable for people around the globe. Our personalized, local approach to client needs and services remains unchanged.


CTE, STEM and STE(A)M facilities are crucial to educating the next generation learner. We design flexible spaces that nurture the collaborative skills students will need for the jobs of tomorrow.

Educational Facility Planning

Designing effective learning environments starts not with a sketch but with a comprehensive understanding of students and their needs, far into the future.

Sustainability as an Educational Tool

Sustainable design is exponentially powerful. Not only does it protect and preserve our planet, it helps us learn how our environment works and saves us money over time.

Safety & Security

Safe and secure learning environments support the whole child—and welcome the whole community. Sensitive, innovative design achieves this delicate balance.

Early Childhood Learning

Nothing replaces a head start in life. Creating an active, engaging environment for early childhood learning sets the groundwork for a rich, playful mix of rewarding activities.

Community Engagement

Our design process is based on the ideas and voices of students, staff, and stakeholders. Their meaningful involvement is the foundation for successful educational spaces.

Transportation & Mobility

Getting to school is the first step in learning. IBI Group works with schools to improve the effectiveness of bus transportation, implement advanced technology, and design safe and healthy routes to school from the surrounding neighborhoods.

Asset Management

InForm is IBI Group’s asset management platform that offers a series of modules that help users track asset and financial information, manage maintenance events, issue work orders, plan and optimize space, and streamline day-to-day operations.

IBI Group

From high-rises to industrial buildings, schools to state-of-the-art hospitals, transit stations to highways, airports to toll systems, bike lanes to parks, IBI Group designs every aspect of truly integrated cities.

IBI Group bridges the gap between design and technology, unlocking new potential in data-driven environments. Defining the cities of tomorrow, IBI believes that cities are built upon intelligent systems, sustainable buildings, efficient infrastructure, and the human touch.