Hockinson Middle School

Hockinson Public Schools

Brush Prarie, WA

The replacement Hockinson Middle School is designed for 600 students and will meet the School District’s current and evolving educational programs, including modern science and technology spaces (STEM), accessibility requirements, and security needs. The new building will facilitate next generation learning practices, offering grade-level learning environments arranged around common areas providing break-out and extended learning opportunities, a glass enclosed maker space and a variety of areas to support diverse learning styles.

The design team, with the teachers and staff at Hockinson Middle School, explored a classroom layout that went beyond the typical old model of rectangular classrooms with a hierarchical “front” inhabited by the teacher.

We’ve thrown out the single classroom teaching wall.  Instead the design provides two whiteboards and seating for students in three circular “pods” of desks, and a “teaching station” is nestled in the corner of the room.  The teacher can move about the classroom, and students can focus on who or whatever the topic at hand is, not just on a single wall of the room.  The new school is built to the standards of the Washington State High-Performance School Buildings Program, ensuring a high level of sustainability and economic and financial efficiency.